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  • Oct-062022
    GTM SPLITTER MOWER GEARBOX(Agricultural gearbox) Confident in its tough build, the European market leader in flex-wing rotary mowers has enhanced its gearbox warranty across the entire Multicut range. Gtm splitter mower gearbox(
  • Apr-172020
    Transmission ratio: Different ratio as customized. 2) Professional: Professional QC department and inspection equipment to control dimension and backlash and noise well. 3) ODM & OEM: The technology Dpt. can make design the
  • Apr-072020
    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China Brand Name:GTM Model Number:LHRC-1 Gearing Arrangement:Bevel / Miter Output Torque:1842 N.m Rated Power:120 hp Input Speed:540rpm Output Speed:458rpm Product na
  • Apr-072020
    Our products widely use in various fields as lawn mowers, grain transportation and storage equipments, rice harvesters, corn harvesters, rotary tillers, pesticide sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, potato harvester, post-hole diggers, snow-blo
  • Mar-212020
    GTM has manufacturered a lot of grain transportation storage gearbox. Cooperated with many agricultural machinery company all over the world. Model NO. :27560 Power: 40hp Input speed;540rpm Input torque NM:520
  • Mar-202020
    GTM is famous manufacturer for agricultural gearbox. today we introduce Long shaft rotary tiller gearbox. The model NO. is LHRC-1 The input rotary speed is 600rpm. Gea
  • Mar-202020
    GTM is famous manufacturer for agricultural gearbox. today we introduce Long shaft rotary tiller gearbox. The model NO. is LHRC-1 The input rotary speed is 600rpm. Gear teeth 16/21
  • Mar-142020
    Lawn mower gearbox is an important part of lawn mower, with gearbox, transmission power to mower, the gear rotary, then the mower work. GTM has developped several types lawn mower gearbox. Below is the introduction for RG50-50
  • Mar-142020
    GTM have developped stable quality gearbox for lawn mower. Below is the introduction for RG30-30HP agricultural gearbox. For ratio have 1:1.93,1:1.46,1:2.83. For noise ,less than 85db. Input speed RPM :540rpm.
  • Jan-112020
    Nowadays, lawn mower is more and more popular in the world, people need lawn mower to cut the straw and grass. For Lawn mower, gearbox is an important transmission part. GTM have mower gearbox from 30HP-70HP,
  • Jan-102020
    Nowadays, many garmers will grow rice, grain, during the grain harvest season. Should use grain transportation storage machine. Gearbox is an important part of grain transportation storage machine, GTM have more
  • Jan-102020
    Potatoes are very nutritious vegetable. Potatoes also play an important role in many food's cooking, such as chips, potato pie, Mashed potato, potato bread and so on. So people eat large quanties of potatoes everyday. Also hav
  • Jan-042020
    Corn is a very popular food in the world. Many farmers grow large quanties of corns. If use hand to pick corns need many time. So corn harvester is very important. For corn harvester, corn heaer gearbox is an important parts.
  • Jan-042020
    Nowadays, post hole digger is more and more important in our daily life. If you want to drill holes on the ground, must use post hole digger . So the power transmission gearbox for the post hole digger is very importa
  • Jan-022020
    GTM MCJ series gearbox used for rotary tiller transmission. With rotary speed 540 rpm. Each tooling process we control seriously. The noise less than 90db. without leakage. The housing material is HT250, the gear shaft material is 20CrMn
  • Nov-282019
    Rotary tiller gearbox is an important part for lawn mower transmission. GTM company have many experience in this field. GTM has developped 30HP,50HP,70HP mower gearbox. Their model is RG30,RG50,RG70. The weight of RG
  • Oct-312019
    Agricultural gearboxes are widely used in agricultural machinery, such as lawn mowers, rice harvesters, grain storage warehousing, rotary tillers, etc. To accommodate this application, we have produced different gearboxes, including rotary
  • Oct-252019
    The agricultural gearbox industry is the foundation of the agricultural machinery industry. Compared with the mechanical assembly industry, the gear industry is the most technically intensive and large-scale industry. Gear products are an i
  • Oct-202019
    The mower is a mowing device that is particularly safe to use due to its high speed. The mower should be placed or fixed on a solid, flat foundation. The workplace should be spacious and equipped with fire protection measures.
  • Oct-152019
    A lawn mower is a mechanical tool used to trim lawns, vegetation, etc. It consists of an engine, a walking wheel, a traveling mechanism, blades, handrails, and control components. There are two power transmission belts on the p