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Rated Rotary Cutter Gearbox

RG series gearboxes are widely used in lawn mower.
RG70 industrial gearbox
GTM helps to save mold making fee, allowing for lower cost for customers. Meanwhile, it has been sold in globalmarket for many years and has received many thumbs-up.
Product Details

1. Product Details

Product Details

2. We Are A Gearbox Manufacturer

Zhejiang Hongye Agricultural Equipment Science and Technology LTD was established in 1995, which located in economic development zone of Wenling city, southeast of China. GTM products include spiral and straight bevel gearbox, cylinder gear speed reducer, worm reducer, and transmission case etc, which are widely used in various fields as lawn mowers, grain transportation and storage equipments, rice harvesters, corn harvesters, rotary tillers, pesticide sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, potato harvester, post-hole diggers, snow-blowers, garden machines and oil exploitation fields etc.

1.Founded time: 1995s

2.Staff Number: around 200

3.Floor Area:80000㎡

4.Annual Output of gearbox: 25,000,000 Pcs

5.Sales Share: 80% for exporting

6.R&D Software: 2D-CAD, 3D-Solidwork

7. Inspection Machine: CMM+Gear Testing center

Our Factory

3. Workshop

1.CNC Workshop: a series of high precision CNC, including Japanese Okuma CNC and other vertical and horizontal CNC.

2.Gear Hobbing Workshop: High Speed 5-axis linkage digital-controlling gear hobbing machines, and the precision reaches GB grade 6.

3.Gear Teeth Inserting Workshop: KS5150, YKS5132, YKS5120A, YSL5120

4.Gear Teeth shaving cutters grinding machine: Italian S400 GS gear teeth shaving cutters grinding machine


4. Certifications

5. FAQ

1. Q: How long is your delivery time ?

A: Around 30-35 days.

2. Q: How long can I get the feedback after we sent the inquiry?

A: We will reply you within 12 hours.

3. Q: What is your guarantee period?

A: One year guarantee for the products from delivery day, except the human damage.

6. Contact us

Zhejiang Hongye Agricultural Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: No.5 Changjiang Road, 2nd Economic Development Zone, Wenling, Zhejiang, China

Zip Code: 317500

Email: hy003@hongyemfg.com

Tel: +86-576-86189508/+86-576-86153122

Fax: +86-576-86187021

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